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Custom presets compatible with Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw. Speed up your workflow and create dynamic images for yourself using my techniques!


I achieve my style by shooting slightly underexposed during sunrise/sunset to protect the details that are in the highlights (such as a really nice sunset sky) because blown out highlights are harder to retain detail than darker shadows. I believe that these presets will provide you the most value if you are shooting in a similar manner as what I have described.


A preset should be considered a starting point, and not the final destination. Don't be afraid to adjust the sliders on your photo after you have applied one of my presets (I add a lot of graduated/radial filters) to fine tune the edit and get your best work out there.


This preset pack will include: 5 presets + 1 reset preset, and the same 5 presets with exposure dropped by -1 (as I typically bump it up since I shoot underexposed) and will also come with installation instructions for Lightroom and Camera Raw.


@paulclark Adobe Lightroom Presets #1